Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lots of dots and more layers of acrylic

Lots of dots on "No Greater Friend No Worse Enemy". The last few days I have been eye to eye with Lcpl Nicholas Said. At one point I had Ophrah on television in the background and was listening to how the families are affected by their loved ones fighting in Afghanistan. There was a clip about a Gold Star Mom that made me stop. I looked into those big beautiful blue eyes and just thought about the 3/6 that will return to Afghanistan this year. I cried, "Be safe Nicholas and you keep my son safe when you go back there. I know you will". I guess that's what you call getting into your artwork. And unashamedly I do. Our sons sacrifice so much. Can you see it? It is my desire and hope that all who see these paintings will begin to understand the connection military parents have with their sons who serve so far away.

Added more layers of acrylics to "Homecoming Hug" in Saturday. Moved from skin to hair and clothes.

Will take a photo to update on both peices.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Still brought to prayer often. Its how we parents get through. New drawing.

Tonight I continued on producing another piece that I am considering to call, "Life Goes On". It will be a pen and ink of Cameron Gianetto's sister and I will get a photo of this one posted. We press on, trying to have normal days with special events. Often, in our minds we are thinking, "I wish our sons so far away were here to see this event".

And especially today in this "Military Series - from a parents perspective", I am hoping to capture "Normalsy", as best we can.

Cameron is stationed on Embassy Duty in Egypt. What seemed like a realitively quiet place is suddenly, today, a marine parents nightmare. Watching the news unfold about the uprising of Egypts people, we can only pray for the safety of each and every marine and those they protect.

At times like these, the most powerful thing we can do is pray.

Our sons who are protecting you and me face many dangers the average American citizen couldn't fathom. Could you imagine your son or daughter in harms way? As a parent, sister, daughter, son, wife, husband these marines will lay down their lives for you, to protect you America.

So this is what we marine parents do and we would like you to also; pray for those in harms way. Pray for the military families trying to do those normal things, like going to concerts to watch a sisters performance in the midst of what is happening with her brother.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Other Artwork tonight at church

Tonight, I spent some time catching up on another painting I started in November for Kingdom Kidz at church. Karen Hart has commisioned me to paint a backdrop with an Adirondack landscape. I got a little sidetracked at Christmas with the banner that was needed for their Christmas Musical. Tonight was time to get back to finish my painting of the Ausable River near Whiteface. A famous spot that Turner used.

Earlier today I worked on "No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy". Plugging along. I really want to work on all of them. Sometimes I just can't get enough hours in the day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brrrrrr! Good day to stay inside and paint. -0- degrees -14 tonight

And I get to help my sister Sue tonight teach figure skating at the Salmon River Skate School in Pulaski. The coldest rink on the planet!

For now I am continuing to paint on "Homecoming Hug", moving into the hair and shirt.

This evening, after skating, I will work on "No Greater Friend - No Worse Enemy".

Still working on that scarf. Lots of dots. Dot, dot, dot, sharpen; dot, dot,dot, sharpen; again and then some!

Just going to show you a cropped image of "Lcpl Prevart Janvier and his Sandbags"
Well I guess that didn't work out right. So this one didn't show the new cropping I did in Picassa. I'll keep trying.

Other news. I had a very pleasant conversation with Steve Kern at the Everson Museum of Art. He suggested I may need a larger facility than theirs due to the physical restraints of their community room and scheduling issues. He suggested the NYS Fairgrounds. That was a second venue for the Central NY area and probably even better. Spoke with Fred Peirce, PR Director. Sounds promising to tie in with the Memorial Watch Fires. More on this later. Got to contact a few more people.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Worked on Homecoming Hug and starting "Young Warriors - One Year"

Working on the skintone layers in "Homecoming Hug" I want to portray the moment was not nessecarily pretty. It was hot and everyone was sweaty at two in the morning. At the time the hugs happened, that moment was nothing more than amazing. I will never forget that side body slam hug and Forest yelling out, "Mom!". I want "Homecoming Hug" to make you cry with that joy because everyone there felt this emotion. Pure joy. They made it home, all the prayers answered.
The ones who didn't make it home (forever on our hearts and minds) were with us too. We, as a military family, understand that.

Also starting a new work called "Young Warriors - One Year". There are 6 marines celebrating the amazing year they have experienced. June 29th these young men were sworn in to bootcamp at Parris Island to become United States Marines. Bootcamp to combat training, to MOS school (thats their specialty, ie Infantry, Gunner, etc.), to deployment in Afghanistan. What a transformation. Here is the photo I am using. Look at how dirty they are. I want to portray that. More on their story to come.

One other thing on the Art work planning. I have tried to contact Steve Kern. Not successful yet. The VFW in Mattydale, the Ready Room (a military courtesy room at the Syrcause Airport) and the Syracuse Marine Parents are poised to write letters of recomendations to help with the different venues that I would like to have my works shown. More to come on that.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Here is "Lance Corporal Prevart Janvier in Front of His Sandbags"

On Veteran's day I had a surprise visit from two marines.  Upon stepping into my house, Prevart saw my in-process drawing and exclaimed, "Awgh!  You got my sandbags!  I filled all those."  And for the same reasons that I had seen in the photograph I chose, Prevart liked all the muted colors.  At the time he saw the drawing, I wasn't sure if I would put any detail into the sandbags.  So after he commented on it, the sandbags were definitely a part the drawing. 
I liked the in-your-face drama that portrayed.  The lines of carbon I felt dramitized the feeling of the drawing to portray, "This is is a hard job to do." and I hope you can hear the "grunt" when you look at it.  I chose a variety of drawing media.  There is Inktense Pencils from Derwent, Graphitints also Derwent, and Carbon Pencils from Wolf's. 
I am so proud of each and everyone of my Marines.  They are amazing young men of valor.  Lcpl Prevart Janvier, USMC has traveled the world and after his tour with my son to Afghanistan will finish his service this year.  He has a lovely fiance and will go to college, thanks to the GI bill. 
Thank you Prevart for your sacrifice to do that hard job.  You are my hero.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Bit More Painting on CJ and a Lot of Sharing Their Story

Working on the first layers of "Homecoming Hug" beyond the burnt umber layer.  This part is slow.  Also worked a little on "No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy".  More to go. 
As I work on telling the story from a parents I come across more people who would like to see this series at the Everson, Quantico and Camp Lejeune.  I will be formalizing letters this week. 
Pleasantly interupted a little this Martin Luther King weekend with a visit from my son. 
Also, I am still learning to safeguard my final photos of my original work.   Stay tuned.  I will be showing more artwork this week.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Working today on linking up to Artist and Military blogs

Today I am still in the learning mode and will need to take time to figure out how to link up with other artists and the miliary blogs out there.  Be patient. 
Also tonight is my CNY Artguild meeting.  We are to bring along some of our recent works.  My Military Series from a Parents Perspective will be coming with me.  Hope they like it.
Trying to work on "Homecoming Hug" Lots of layers.  Hope you like the underpainting. 

I saw this photo shared by his mom on Facebook and just knew this photo embodied the emotion of that initial homecoming hug.  The best hug in the world with all the love, joy, and relief - hands down!  My 3/6 Lima company family all got a peice of this night.  In this 36x 48 inch Acrylic painting Lcpl C.J. Sher embraces his fiance, neice and nephew with an Afghan American Bueaty Rose.  I so have these paintings on my heart to share with you all as I go along.  I will post their progress from time to time until they are completed.
If all goes well, I will have shows hopefully starting at The Everson Museum of Art, The Quantico Marine Museum of Art and Camp Lejeune.  More about that as I go

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 An Artworthy Day

Well today was 1/11/11!  A day of first(s).  First time posting and really getting into my blog.  Hope you all like it. 
Judged mixed media at Schoolastics at Onondaga Community College today.  It is always a good day to be around so many fellow artists and looking at what our very talented young art students are creating. 
Came home later to work on Lcprl Nicholas Said.  "No Greater Friend - No Worse Enemy" is a PanPastel that I am producing for this Marine Series.  My son, Lcpl Forest Blair took the photo on a very hot day in Afghanistan last August.  Temperatures ranged 130 to 140+ degrees.  In those temperatures it too hot to touch your own clothes.  I can't imagine what that is like with all the gear they must carry. 

What struck me most about the photograph was the intensity of his eyes tilted in towards the camera.  Even with that Afghan head scarf though, his eyes give away that he is American.  Glad your on my side, Nicholas!  To those who have not heard the Marine phrase and title of this pastel, "No Greater Friend - No Worse Enemy" those big blue eyes say it all.  You're my hero Nicholas.  I am so greatful for all you have done.  I will be writing about the purpose of this art blog as we go alone.  For now, good night my friends.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First day posting. Be patient.

First day posting.  Be patient!  I will be posting the first 5 peices of the series as soon as I figure out how to watermark the images.  So sit tight, more to come.