Saturday, January 25, 2014

Evening Presentation with a Marine Escort, Heroes Among Us Poster Project

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you all who came out last night to The Art Store where I presented "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective among so many friends, family, fellow artists and my Veterans.  I was escorted by Sgt Charles Toro, USMC in those beautiful dress blues up to our gallery space and I am so honored to have one of my heroes do that for me.  If you are reading this Charles, I thank you again.  I have to say I am such a fan of my Marines.  At Camp Lejeune the 3/6 called me a Marine Momma, it was earned and forever I will be. The exhibit will be up for the next two weeks.  On Monday I will have a synopsis of each story to post below each painting.

Below is the launching of a new "Heroes Among Us" Poster Project of each of the paintings available at $30.00 each.  Collect them all!  My giclee prints are also available, check out the gallery pages and order one. The proceeds will go to help the series move around the country.  There are several events that will be coming up in Mattydale, NY, Cayuga Community College and I am working on 1st Marine division's Reunion in Charleston, SC.

Heroes Among Us

1% of our population in the USA is serving in our 
military and currently in harms way at this very moment.  For the rest of the 99% of American Citizens, we hear and see news about the 14 year long war in Afghanistan.  Once aired, we generally put it away in our mind without comprehending just what they are doing out there.  I am a parent with a story, not just to tell, but a bridge to build by teaching about their sacrifice through my painting series, "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective".

There are heroes among us;
they are coming home America!

Do you know who your Heroes are?

You can also help me get this series out to
America about what our heroes have sacrificed for the freedoms they protect for you and I.  When you purchase a giclee or poster prints from my collection of
"A Military Experience - A Parent's Perspective", you will help bring these stories
around our nation. 


Time to focus on several paintings in the works.  I will be working on an acrylic of Lcpl Danny Thoryk, USMC and his dog.  How does "The Dog Handler" sound for a title? Danny's Grandparents Pat and Bunny were at the presentation last night. Remember the shark that made its way into the story "A Time For Peace"?  Pat was responsible for that shark.  Hmmm!  Maybe their ought to be a Susquatch for Danny's dog to find.  More to come on that story.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Presentation Jan 24th and "Heroes Among Us" Poster Project

On Friday, January 24th I will present "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective"  at the Art Store 935 Erie Blvd East Syracuse NY 13210.  This is a full presentation as I walk through all of the paintings and their stories.  Please come.  It would be an honor to have you there.
              You are Cordially invited to the
Presentation and Art Opening Of

“A Military Series—A Parent’s Perspective”

By Sharon A. Blair, Proud Mom of
Cpl  Forest Blair, USMC

Join in on the “Heroes Among Us”
Poster Project Sale and Share their Stories

I will also be launching my "Heroes Among Us" Poster Project.  More to come.  Invite day and I will be running around to invite people.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Look Into The Celebrations of our Young Warriors

My Marines have taught me so much through these years since Forest earned that title.  Their families shaped and developed the warriors heart without realizing the part they played.  A young person takes a look at a great big world to step into and decides there is a difference to be made.  Someone has to step up to take on the task. Somewhere deep inside themselves they answer a call that quietly beckoned the warrior within to the final leg of a challenge called the Crucible.  In the end these young men and women earned the title Marine.  Now is their time.  What was instilled by their families becomes something to protect.  This warrior will shield, protect and   Thier battle cry: "Oorah" and always "Semper Fidelis" (always faithful).  I chose this picture to be one of my portraits because I want America to know know that these warriors are young and Lcpl Borio is the perfect example of the average age that starts in to represent our country.

At the 2013 Veteran's Day Parade and Expo their stories were shared again and the Marine Corp Ball was a celebration I will not forget.

Sorry I have not finished this post sooner; (it sat in a draft for the month of December).  Christmas and New Year have come and gone.  I have been very busy with the season and the commission work. We have a new year upon us and a very full one indeed.