Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Challenge to Give Hope 4 The Warriors

Come on America, Donate to Hope for the Warriors - a very worthy cause to help our Veteran's and their families that are facing great challenges.  I set out to meet the "Challenge to the Core" doing 250 sit ups for each day of the month of August and to raise $500.00.  At registration H4W had a jersey.  Really awesome but I did not want to just purchase it, I wanted to earn it by loosing inches off the abdomen area by August 20th.  Just wanted you to know, today I have earned that jersey with a measurable difference, but I still need your help with the donations!  Please  click into my own Hope for the Warriors donation web page http://rpx.me/1/HJrp and donate $1.00, $5 $10 or $20.  Read on for what I will do to add to the challenge.

The Marines have a saying that their titles are never given, they are earned.  When I registered there was a jersey that I really wanted.  I wrote to my team leader and told him I couldn't buy the jersey, I had to earn it.  I set a goal to loose a measurable difference by day 20.  I have done a lot of fashion designing in my life, so measurements are not a problem for me to see.  They are a fact and better to measure than to weigh, because burning fat in this case, I also produced muscle.  You know muscle weighs more than fat.  On day one my measurements were 8/1 bust 36, high waist 34 1/2, Waist 36, high hip 39, hip 41.  8/6 Bust 36, High waist, 33, waist 35, high hip 38 5/8, hip 41.  8/16 bust 35 3/4, high waist 32 3/4, waist 34 1/2 high hip 37 1/2, hip 40 1/4.  Today (reckoning day) Bust 35 1/4, high waist 32, waist 34 1/4, high hip 36 3/4, hip 40.  The goal was to loose inches and never expected within 20 days of 250 sit ups a day, watching what I ate and keeping track of my fluid intake would produce loosing so many inches overall.  What was loss is gain for me. I will wear that jersey while I demonstrate my painting of "Our Kids Meet Their Kids" at the New York State Fair.  
After meeting the goal I have a challenge for all my friends and readers!  Because the dollars have not come in like I was hoping, I am going to post on my Facebook pages and my website www.artisticimpressionsbyblair.com and click into my blog, another Challenge for H4W For every dollar up to my $500.00 goal earned, I will add another day of sit ups (500).  In other words, I am willing to make this a life change and I want others to know they can too and help make a difference in the life of a warrior by your generous donations.  
Perhaps you too will want to take up a life changing challenge too.  My warriors have laid down so much for me, it time to honor them with my sacrifice.  See you at the fair! 

Love my warriors! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Painting Series is on the Move Again With a Challenge!

What a wonderful month July has been.  Cpl Forest Blair, USMC is training at Pensacola, FL for his new MOS, (Military Occupational Service) in Avionics.  Rachel is visiting her family in Ohio.  It's great to be a Marine Momma and see your kids enjoying life.  My older son Michael is growing all kinds of summer you pick fruits at Abbott's and Meg is working in her financial field.

 I had the pleasure of teaching 10 students in the High Peaks area 2 weeks ago.   Just as I got back from my fifth annual Adirondack Adventure plein air painting (on location), I received a request from the Fine Arts Coordinator at the New York State Fair to demonstrate one of my paintings.

I am in the final stages of "Our Kids Meet Their Kids" and will be demonstrating on this painting on August 29th, Veterans Day at the NY State Fair in the Women's Building 3rd Floor Fine Arts from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm..  I will have a few of my paintings with me to present and at one point in the day, I will be able to sell some of the poster project prints to help the series move its message around the country.

As a personal challenge I have entered in with the Hope for the Warriors "Challenge for the Core" in the 31 days of August where I will do 250 sit ups a day and raise money to help their efforts in taking care of our Warriors that have suffered injury in battle and some that are dealing with PTSD issues.  If you click into the link here you should be able to get to my webpage with Hope for the Warriors and donate directly to help them in my name.  I am trying to raise $3,000.00 to help their efforts.  This is the group I presented to at their Gala affair in April down in DC.  Please consider a generous donation.  You can read more about what they do on the website you click into http://rpx.me/1/HJrp.