Sunday, October 13, 2013

"America, Do You know Who Your Heroes Really Are?" and New Events Around the Corner

Have another painting coming in the future.  Take a look at this picture of Cpl Arthur Lucero, USMC "Hi Fiving" one of the Afghan children.  They just flocked to these men because they were a cause for sharing joy and hope.  I just want to catch the spirit I see.

Just finished The Apple Festival's 5k run and I am looking at some other runs coming up.  Proudly wore my Hope For The Warriors jersey.  I'm working still at raising more monies for them so, if you would like to donate, my link is still working at  They do so much for our wounded warriors, and military families.  It is time for all of us to get out the message about our Military "America, Do You know Who Your Heroes Really Are?"

The painting "our Kids Meet Their Kids" is almost finished and the other Acrylic painting "A Dog Handler" will turn the corner with its details.

The upcoming event for "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective" is just around the corner for a busy November.  The Veterans parade and Expo will be on November 9th at the New York State Fairgrounds to say Thank you to our Veterans from every branch to every conflict our Military has gone through to protect our freedoms.  The Parade starts at the Grandstand at 10:00 just outside the Center of Progress Building.  Following the parade, the full series will be at the Expo with many groups and organizations with a message close to my heart, "America, do you know who our heroes really are?  Heroes under 30 have been nominated for recognition, and there is a job fair for Veterans.

On the evening of The Marine Corp's 23 Birthday, Central New York will celebrate with the traditional Marine Corp Ball.  And I will get more info posted here as soon as I can.