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So, hopefully by now, you have taken a good look around my blog and have decided you would like to place an order for my poster project, boxed 12 card set or my special Giclee prints.  Yay! 

There are "Heroes Among Us"... 
America, Do you know who your Heroes are?

"A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective"

And now, introducing "The Heroes Among Us Poster Project" for $30.00 each, honoring our Veterans and their families.  Come listen to their stories and bring home a poster to remind you of their stories of sacrifice.

                                             Please send an email with your requests to:
                                             My home phone is 315-458-0846.
                                             Website (Under Construction, but you can go there):
                                             www.artisticimpressionsbyblair.com and click into the
            blog.  I will be setting up the shopping cart pages soon.  
Thank you for your patience

Boxed 12 Card Sets:

A 12 boxed card set is $20.00.  There are four paintings that are featured on the 2nd Marine Divisions quarterly issue of "Follow Me" as follows:
"Daddy Don't Go",  "I'm Out Here, Did You Forget Me?", "Role Models" and "Homecoming Hug".  This is a blank card set that has a line on the back describing the painting.  They are a wonderful gift set, as well as cards to send out to your friends or the heroes we so admire in the military serving today!

Giclee' Prints:  

There are two sizes of Giclee prints which you can order as follows:

11"x14"  prints $85.00 each (delivery and taxes included) 

16"x20" prints 180.00 each (delivery and taxes included)

(Joe Meneilly Studios does an absolutely wonderful job.  With my Oil, Acrylic or Mixed Media originals, the giclee is printed on Canvas.  Pastels and Drawing Media is printed on Watercolor Paper or BFK Reeves.)
Giclee's available in the following paintings:
(Check out the gallery page to check out the paintings)

  1. "If You Only Knew Where I Have Been" - Cpl Jared O'Shaugnessey, USMC, Carbon Pencil
  2. "His Sandbags" - Lcpl Prevart Janvier, USMC, Inktense, Tinted Graphite and Carbon
  3. "No Greater Friend - No Worse Enemy" - Lcpl Nicholas Said, USMC, PanPastel
  4. "Homecoming Hug" - Lpl C.J. Sher, USMC, his fiance', niece and nephew, Acrylic
  5. "Grief" Lcpl Gabe Rainey, USMC, KIA, Lcpl Tony, Oil
  6. "Role Models" - 3/6 Battalion, USMC, Oil
  7. "And We Prayed" - Lcpl Nicholas Said, USMC - Mixed Media
  8. "And We Prayed" - Lcpl Forest Blair, USMC - Mixed Media
  9. "I'm Out Here.  Did You Forget Me?" - Lcpl Forest Blair, USMC, Oil Bars
  10. "Wiener Wolfe"  Wiener Wolfe, USMC hero - Block Print 
  11. "Daddy Don't Go" - Mjr David Schreiner and his daughter, Addison, PanPastel
  12. "Morning Patrol" - 1/6 Battalion, Layered Acrylics
  13. "Watching Over You" - Lcpl Bryan Bullock, PanPastel
  14. "Young Warriors" - (up on shoulders) Lcpl Forest Blair, (second row) Cpl Rob McCann, Lcpl DeValle, Lcpl Terrance Flaugher, Lcpl Ethan Day, (in front) Lcpl Tony Faggart, oil pastel
  15. "The Lobsterman and His Son" Joel McCann, Proud Dad of Lcpl Rob McCann, USMC - Oil
  16. "The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done - Lcpl Nathan McCormick - Oil
  17.  "A Time For Peace" - Lcpl Forest Blair, USMC and Rachel Hort - Acrylic
  18. "Embassy Duty Guards" Cpl Cameron Giannetto, USMC with his Plattoon - Oil
  19. "Our Kids Meet Their Kids" Lcpl Michael Parris, USMC with children in Helmand Provice Afghanistan- Oil
  20. Stopping for now, more on this to come later
Since graduating EBV-F, the series will be moving into a new direction as a not for profit 501c3.