Sharon A. Blair, Artist Statement and Biography

Below you will find my artist's biography

Starting into this series, something else wound up shaping my art; my passion.  Though I have always had a heart for my artwork, now I can safely say I have found my passion in capturing the human aspect of portraiture.  My art has become an expression of gratitude as I reach and touch the hearts of the average American Citizen, I cross bridges of understanding.  So few realize the sacrifices our sons and daughters in the military make every day to keep you and I free and safe here in the United States of America.  With one foot in the military world as a "Marine Momma"and one foot in the civilian world, it has become my purpose and passion to teach about what these heroes through the expression of art, even to the writing of this blog, as my effort to personally thank the recruit all the way to the veteran.

My work has been seen at many Central New York venues, such as the Vetean's Day Parade and Expo 2011 and upcoming November 10, 2012, North Syracuse VFW, and several Syracuse Chief's games.  "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective" has traveled to the 3/6 Battalion's Homecoming at Camp Lejeune, NC, the Second Marine Division's Reunion in Buffalo, NY, the Modern Day Marine Expo at Quantico Marine Corp base, VA.  Currently, I am published on the covers of the 2nd Marine Division's quarterly magazine called "Follow Me".  I have donated prints for "The National Museum of the Marine"'s Gala affair and will also for the "Hope For The Hero's Gala" affair in Washington, DC.

Forest is my son and he has become my hero.  Because of him I grumble a lot less when its hot outside, or its inconvenient to walk in the rain an extra 100 feet to the grocery store entrance.  I stopped worrying so much about everyday insecurities and learned to be more courageous.  Even observing the way you now walk, I have learned to swagger my steps confidently like you!  Taking action is better than not moving against my own fear; Forest and his marines do that without hesitation.  Forest has shown me we can all make a difference in this world; all we have to do is try because what is in your heart will come out for all to see. 

So I pass out gloves and water to homeless people in the midst of heavy traffic; I take time to talk with people, listen to their story and share my admiration for our military men and women.  On a summer's day you will find me capturing their moments of service in my paintings, under big maple trees on my front lawn.  Life is such a gift and I have entwined that into my artwork. 

Thank you Forest in shaping my art to what it is now.  I know what a true American Hero is, you may not know it, or even agree with that statement, but you are in every essence by your actions and the brave brothers who have battled with you by your side. 

Oh and did I mention-I love the job of taking care of your car while you are out there in Afghanistan!
"A lifetime journey began for a six year old, who traipsed with her brother every weekend
to the attic in Steel Hall at Syracuse University learning to make all kinds of art from paper mache' giraffes to sponge painting with a group of art education teachers. After participation in my first artist reception , I was hooked-mom responsible!

Through the years I have participated in many classes and seminars that have continually shaped and formed the art process. Since becoming a part of Commercial Art Supply's staff in Syracuse, NY, I have been privy to experiencing a variety of art media, listening to my peers in the art community, giving demonstrations at colleges and art guilds, and teaching classes both indoors and plein air. Over the years I have also judged many art shows with Veteran's Art Show at OCC and the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, CNY Schoolastic's, Salmon River Student Show, Salmon River Art Guild Shows, and the Onondaga Community College Student Show.

As an artist, it has been my passion to tell a story with a variety of media in watercolor, oil, acrylic, Panpastel, ink, drawing or mixed media. With each of my paintings, I invite you in to experience my artwork, whether you see telling eyes that look into your soul, or a sudden vibrant splash of abstract color or perhaps a landscape in which you would want to hop into a kayak and venture across my lake, just to sit on a distant shoreline.

I see it, live it, breathe it, share it, and most of all I thank God for giving me the eyes and heart for loving art that constantly surrounds you and me."

Sharon A. Blair, Artist and proud Mom of Sgt Forest Blair, USMC