Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Time to Get Going!"

Forest has deployed to Afghanistan again for his second tour.  So many are praying for them. 

After stopping by The National Museum of the Marines and the Smithsonian in Washington DC on the way home, now it is time to give an update on what is happening with my paintings.  They are going to debute at the Syracuse Cheif's game with 6 of my paintings on July 4th, with fireworks to follow!  There are other plans (not written in stone yet, just in works)  in the works at Leymoyne College, Veterans day Homecoming parade for the 174th at the NY State Fairgrounds in the Center of Progress Building's Expo, working on the National Museum of the Marine Corps, and not to mention the Smithonian Museum in Washington DC have asked me not to forget them. 
 It was my job to bring Forest's car home.  Isn't she a pretty thing!

Oh my.  That just got very complicated, but very exciting.  I want so much to tell their story.  That is what I prayed for when I first started.  The peices I have done is about what our military and their families go through.  We see our sons and daughters and are very proud of them and what they do.  As parents we pray unseasingly for their safety. 

Keep watching.  I will be updating the on more paintings very soon.  I just got back from seeing him off and I am adding in taking care of his personal affects during deployment to my things to do list along with my paintings.  "Plate spinners" star performer is about to begin!  More later.  For now I am going to bed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"An Update: Tribute to a Very Brave Little Hero"

Weiner Wolfe got close to every man in the 3/6 Battalion.  I received most unpleasant news that Weiner Wolfe encountered a large dog and lost the fight that ensued between them about two weeks ago.  Marjah does not have veterinarians out there; her wounds were too severe.  The guys who replaced Forest's unit took on Weiner Wolfe on their outpost  and had to make the decision to put her down.  She was a brave dog and she will be remembered by all she touched. 

The block prints were sent out to the guys upon returning from desert training out West.  Any one of you in the 3/6, if you didn't get a print and want one, let me know either here, message me or let my son Forest know and I will get one to you. 

I found this and posted it on my facebook wall. Thought I would share it here too.  Just click twice on the link    God & Dog
Rest In Peace Weiner Wolfe.  A nice tribute to a little hero who made life bearable in a very difficult place for our heroes in the 3/6. 

Later tonight I found some of the parents had posted their own tributes to Weiner Wolfe.  Here are some more pictures and one video from Jeff Gray that seems not to want to upload, so I will try later.

Weiner Wolfe always a rather dirty wet but welcomed friend

A snoozing Weiner Wolfe
What a nose!  She was a good girl
A Very Young Weiner Wolfe
By the way, does anybody know if she got a cookie the day the original photo was taken of Weiner Wolfe?