Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boxed Card Sets and Front Covers of Quarterly Publication

Along with the prints that I have to sell, I am introducing a special edition of "A Military Experience - A Parent's Perspective" Boxed 12 Card Sets, featuring the four paintings selected as covers for the 2nd Marine Divisions "Follow Me" quarterly publications.  They are $20.00 for a set, shipping included (ordering info. below).
The first cover of "Follow Me" was the pastel "Daddy Don't Go" out last April-May-June 2012, which contains an interview with Dave Brown, Executive Director, Sgt Maj, USMC retired.  For July-August-September, the oil of Forest came out in "I'm Out Here, Did You Forget Me?".  Both issues have brief Cover Stories inside and advertisements for prints.  With the new quarterly magazine issues to come, there will be "Role Models" and "Homecoming Hug" with their stories to tell also.

"Role Models"
premiers Oct-Nov-Dec
Click on my contact page for email and address information either on my blog "Ordering Page or
The website is not fully functional yet, so you will need to send a check or money order to Artistic Impressions.

Please consider purchasing cards or prints as this is the driving force to fund the traveling of these paintings around the country, so your support here is greatly needed and appreciated! 
"Homecoming Hug"
premiers Jan-Feb-March
I also am in need of a vehicle to get the paintings to thier upcoming destinations.  A sponsor (corporate or personal) that might help in procuring a Chrysler Town & Country or a Dodge Caravan minivan that can hold the series and their easels would make this traveling exhibition happen with ease.

More card sets yet to come of different prints.  If you are a  friend on my facebook pages please help vote for the next four prints.  (Kind of timely, so vote now if you can!)