Saturday, October 29, 2011

Final "Watching Over You" is going to print.

Thought you might like to the finished peice of "Watching Over You".  It will be going off to print and get framed. 

Tonight I worked on another painting that you may not have see lately called "Embassy Duty Guards" and guess where they are standing?  The Pyramids of Egypt.  And this one is a big painting.  I haven't been able to move it because it is 48x60 inches.  I need Micheal to move it for me.  Right now their faces are just color blocked.  I will be putting in the details this week.  Hoping to get it done for the show on November 5th at the Fairgrounds.  We will see how much I can fit into this week.  To bed for now.  More story tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Progression on "Watching Over You"

Titles will either be there before a painting starts or it will evolve and come to light like this one with Lcpl Bryan Bullock I am calling, "Watching Over You".   I asked Forest what that is like being topside.   Bryan is 14 feet up in a turret that is part of a mammoth vehicle called an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Armored Vehicle.  He told me when you are up there you have a 360 degree view so you can direct the ones below driving that have limited vision.  It is a very important part of that job, so Bryan is keeping watch over his brothers in the vehicle below.  Their teamwork is a part of them, like a family they will do anything to keep each other safe. 
I know they are trained this way, but I can tell you as parents, we had the first part in that training.    While at homecoming last year at Camp Lejeune, I observed a squad of marines driving tanks.  They looked so happy, I noted to memory my own title, "A Man and His Tank!".  I think Bryan has that happy look too. 

Almost there on this pastel on velour board.  Pastels carry a soft look as it is but with this velour board it is even softer, kind of like oil on velvet.  There will be more to come very soon.  I am trying to finish this for the Veteran's Expo and Homecoming Parade at the NY State Fairgrounds November 5th.  Lots happening, hope to see you there.  I want to give back to my heroes.  When I sell prints, 10 % will go to the Wounded Warriors.  I can only take orders at the expo, but I am still so grateful to be able to present and tell their stories.  Big thanks to Diana Abdella at Assemblyman's Magnerelli's office.  She has been responsible to putting together this Veteran's Celebration that will take time to honor our military.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update on "The Lobsterman of Portland Head"

Here is the latest on the painting of Joel McCann, "The Lobster Man of Portland Head".  Last Weekend I demonstrated oil bars that work like drawing with a tube of oil paint.  
I still want to jump on board and try some lobster trapping in that surf at Portland Head.  I may turn out to be a real landlubber, but I would still like to give it a go (even if it is just for a day).  Have you ever done that? 

I have a few paintings going on that I would love to have everyone ready for Nov. 5th, so the race is on.  Part of me is trying to write to the National Museum of the Marines, Jacksonville, NC that will start its construction soon and have my series available for their opening, the other is sending information still to the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, the Joining Forces initiative and the Smithsonian in DC.  All in the works, so I will give you updates on that as it progresses.  Wish I had two of me. 

I still have not named this painting in Panpastel on velour board of Lcpl Bryan Bullock (could be corporal by now, not sure).  I would love to know what was going on in his mind that day.  It is such a cool perspective. 

I have met his wife Devin and we have spoke a few times.  They are newly weds.  Can only imagine what that is like for Devin here at home and Bryan out there.  I have another painting with a photo in a helmet, that is part of a larger collage called "while you were away".   

More updates to come. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Putting "A Military Experience - A Parent's Perspective" Into Perspective

Last week, I discovered how important it is to keep your dreams on tract.  These paintings each have their own stories, yet they congeel and connect together.  Like a group of individual short stories, they come together by centering around a journey in this military life.  This week I sort of lost tract of what I was tying to do.  I focused on the art rather than reason for the art.  The series needs to stay together and not go to contests for one individual painting.  The paintings are linked together and should be shown together.  

When I started this series "A Military Series  - A Parent's Perspective", I asked God if he could bless me with the talent to capture what I saw, I would tell their stories.  God has given me that ability and passion to represent through my paintings, our brave military and the families that stand behind them.  It is my job to present each story, to teach America what our families are going through and how we see the commitment our sons and daughters put into motion everyday, keeping you safe and free. 

This series is meant to break barriers between differenting views and opinions the general public may have.  What is behind the weaponry is a very real person who is making a difference in this world.  Freedom is not free, it takes work and investment to bring about change in a foreign land, whose outcome produces peace.   

Next month, after the 174th Army division's homecoming parade, I will present all 15 paintings and all those stories at the Veteran's Expo at the State Fair Grounds from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.