Monday, July 16, 2012

Where To See the Series Being Presented

Updates first on where the paintings for "A military Experience - A Parentt's Perspective" have been and where they are going next.  On July 4th nine of the 21 paintings were on display with rheir stories at the Syracuse Cheif's game (they won!), along with my Syracuse Marine Parent's and the Gregory Harris Courtesy Room.  I was able to present thir stories through my paintings.  Currently, I am looking for a corporate sponsor to help this series move around the country.  The goal is to tell their stories to an American public around the country that does not know what our military is going through along with the families that stand behind them.  I was not part of a military family until my son Lcpl Forest Blair, USMC who was sworn in the day after he graduated high school and then went on to earn the tittle of United States Marine.  I am so proud of him and have been amazed at the character of every Marine I have met and come to know whether in passing or by painting.

America, you need to know these family members of mine.  I love them all and I think you should get to know them.  If you are reading this and would like to help either by purchasing a print or by sponsoring this endeavor, please contact me by email at

The next venue for showing all 19 of the series' paintings will be July 19th at the following:

AmeriCU Fort Drum will be hosting a Business After Hours in conjunction with the Watertown Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, July 19th, 5PM-7PM at our AmeriCU location on Fort Drum. Please join us!

When: Thursday, July 19th, 2012, 5PM-7PM
Where: AmeriCU Financial Center - 10750 Enduring Freedom Drive, Fort Drum
Catered by the Commons
Music & door prizes!
Featuring an exhibition of “Military Series – a Parent’s Perspective”.
Artist: Sharon A. Blair,
Enter to win a grand prize giveaway - a gas grill!
Please contact Erin Ballard, to RSVP by Monday, July 16th.

More posting to come later today.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Forest is now back from Jordan and has enjoyed his first celebration of our country's Independence Day parades and fireworks since 2008.  Happy Fourth Forest!

For me it was a celebration at the Syracuse Chief's Game to share their stories from my "A Military Series- A Parent's Perspective".  It is always a joy to show these paintings and is truly a labor of love for my 3/6 Battalion and Syracuse Marine Parent's son's.

Most importantly, my focus on this series is and always has been on my subjects.  You see, for me as an artist, the fame doesn't mean a thing to me.  Their sacrifice for this nation needs to hit the heart of every American and that is story I tell with a most grateful heart.  So my heart to yours America, here is the newest painting in process.  It is in honor to the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Division at Camp Lejeurne, called "Guardians of Freedom"'s first layer.  (I will be posting the photo a little later tonight)

The Marines did good work over there in Jordan.  They had a couple days to tour ruins and the canyons of Petra.  What a wonderful opportunity to see the world for these men.