Gallery and Specs on Paintings

Below is my gallery of the paintings that are currently a finished work that is part of my "Military Series - A Parent's Perspective"

This page is for information on the individual pieces only.  As the artist I hold all rights the images shown that cannot be reproduced in any way without my direct and written permission.  Contact me at 315-459-0846, should you have any questions.  The images shown are low pixelation and are watermarked for security reasons.

"If You Only Knew Where I Have Been"
Cpl Jared O'shaugnessey, USMC
Carbon Pencil
25"x37" Framed
"His Sandbags"
Lcpl Prevart Janvier, USMC
Drawing Media
26"x36" Framed
"Daddy, Don't Go"
Mjr David Schreiner, USMC and his daughter Addison
30"x36" Framed
"Weiner Wolfe"
Herself, USMC's 3/6 Battalion, Lima Company's Hero Dog
Afghanistan 2010-2011
Block Print
25"x26" Framed
"I'm Out Here; Did You Forget Me?"
Lcpl Forest Blair, USMC
Oil Bar and Oil
36"x48" on Canvas

Lcpl Gabriel Rainey, USMC, KIA 2010
Lcpl Anthony Robertson, Lcpl Nathan McCormack and Lcpl Branden Sprat, USMC Brothers 3/6 Battalion
36"x48" on Linen Canvas

"And We Prayed"
Lcpl Forest Blair, USMC
Mixed Media
30"x36" Framed

"Homecoming Hug"
Lcpl CJ Sher, USMC, His Fiance', Niece, Nephew
Acrylic 36"x48"
"And We Prayed"
Lcpl Nicholas Said, USMC
Mixed Media
30"x36" Framed

"Role Models"
3/6 Battalion, Marjah, Afghanistan 2010
Unknown Warriors
36"x36" on 2" Cradled Ampersand Panel

"No Greater Friend, No Greater Enemy"
Lcpl Nicholas Said, USMC
27"x36" framed

"Watching Over You"
Lcpl Bryan Bullock, USMC

"Morning Patrol"
Lcpl Christopher Jenks, USMC
1/6 Battalion

"Young Warriors"
(up on shoulders) Lcpl Forest Blair, (second row) Cpl Rob McCann, Lcpl Justin DelValle, Lcpl Terrance Flaugher, Lcpl Ethan Day, (in front) Lcpl Tony Faggart,
Oil Pastel
43"x 33"

"The Lobsterman and His Son"
Joel McCann
Oil Bar

"The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done - Lcpl Nathan McCormack- US Marine"
Lcpl Nathan McCormack, USMC, The Serenowski Family-Lcpl Timothy Serenowski, USMC, kia

"A Time For Peace"
Lcpl Forest Blair, USMC and Rachel Hort
24" x 36"

"Embassy Duty Guards"
Cpl Cameron Giannetto, USMC with his unit
48" x 60"

"Our Kids Meet Their Kids"
Cpl Michael Parris, USMC with another Marine, Children of the Helmand Province, Afghanistan
36" x 36"