Friday, May 27, 2011

"Greif" and "Role Models" are finished.

"Grief" and Role Models" are finished.  I went to the VFW here in North Syracuse to ask if  the medals were correct.  Can't wait to start showing these paintings. 

In "Role Models" I added small details like the scarf on the marine in front tied to his waist under his uniform.  Also added a hint of color to the landscape in the background 
I will post more on these during the next few days.  For now I have a marine at home to enjoy.   Memorial weekend is for all of us to remember those who served and gave their lives for you and me.  It is also to remember those who did make it back.  I owe my greatest gratitude to our military and the families who stand behind them.  Semper Fi and Thank you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finishing touches on "Role Models"

Just finishing "Role Models".  This started out as a mono color painting using asphaltum oil as the base.  Afghanistan is void of rich colors, so it decided to add a limited amount of other pigments.  Hope you like this one on an Ampersand Panel (it allowed me to put in more detail)  Just thinking about what that must be like in those remote places in Afghanistan.  Forest just handed me a Tortellini MRE  try out.  It will be lunch today, so Bon Appette!  

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Painting "I'm Out Here. Did you Forget Me?"

I would like to introduce to you Lcpl Forest Daniel Blair, my son in a new painting that I am starting called, "I'm Out Here; Did You Forget Me?".  If you click on the picture to enlarge it look beyond the reflection in his glasses and into his eyes.

This is a layered painting of transparent acrylics for the eyes.  On top there is the reflection of his glasses that you know he is holding his camera, cool angles, but it is the eyes themselves, shadowed with his glasses that tell the real story.  They are contemplative, but if you read further, you can see his question, "I'm out here.  Did you forget me?" 
The answer from me is, "Not for a minute, did I forget.  Not even a second."   I am going to try clear gesso over the acrylics in parts of the face and helmet.  Over that I want to try Panpastels.  That should give a thick powdered look.  I will be experiementing with that

God gives you talents and if you can catch the gift he has given you to use that talent.
There was something I saw, deep within  their eyes. 
I could see their heart, they have such purpose.
They answered a call so profound you can hear it without a sound.
Something captured within their gaze needed to be discovered.  
Something is set in motion when I start a painting that I compels my hands to put into the visual.
I know God gave me a talent and charged me to paint windows that reach into the soul.
I will be writing more and giving more updates soon.