Post Event: 3/6 paintings visited NC for Homecoming

"My Military Experience - A Parent's Perspective"  has met up with its most famous subjects, The Marjah Marines!  Forest's battalion is back from their second deployment to Afghanistan.  The paintings were viewed by all three waves of the main body coming home and their families.  What a wonderful time.  Thank you so much to all who came in while waiting for our heroes to march down to that famous parking lot.
Long awaited Homecoming with Forest and his Rachel.  Happy Day!

I loved sharing my series with you.  Big thanks to Joel McCann who was the main contributor to get the paintings down to Camp Lejeune.  I could not have done it without you.  I love my 3/6 family and thank you to all who have supported us here in Central NY during this deployment.  As parents, we are so grateful, you had our backs!

For future trips I will be looking at purchasing a nice used minivan to help me get the paintings to new venues.  The Art Store, where I work has extended shipping in the future my artwork to national venues.