Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost there on "Daddy Don't Go"

A parking lot.  At first when I looked at the photo handed to me I thought, "This is one where I will lessen the background, or not?".  Whats so special about a parking lot with such an emotional piece to begin with? 
As I am nearing completion of "Daddy Don't Go", I struggled with that finishing detail in this pastel, until I dropped it in.  It all made sense to the story going on.  This is one of those moments for our military where everything stands still.  When we say our goodbyes, time stands still with a audible silence.  For Mjr David Schreiner, like so many going off to war, this is a very important moment.  A beautiful little girl will grow up so much in the months of deployment.  He notices her pretty pokadot dress, feels the sun and a warm gentle breeze around them.  The texture of the parking lot freezes in his hug and David closes his eyes.  The soft, gentle, best-est Daddy hug Addison can give is very clingy and does not want him to go.  She knows it will be a long time, but doesn't grasp how long.  Major David Schreiner and his daughter lock into their memories, this moment that will carry them through this deployment.  This is a very big deal in this four year olds' life.  For David Schreiner this is his everything he leaves behind.   Last hugs, last kisses, last words spoken, last looks of home.  America, this is their sacrifice.  When you hug your little ones, your wife, your son today before they walk out that door, for a majority of us it may be just hours before you see them again.  These men enter into harms way so you can live in the freedom they fight for.  The world is a better place because of them.  Pray for them and keep them in your thoughts.

On Thursday evenings we have a skype prayer group with the parents of the 3/6.  This last Thursday we centered prayer around so many families living in or near Camp Lejeune that will be affected by hurricane Irene.  We are praying for their safety and our men out in Afghanistan.  I am sure they are praying too.  Stay safe North Carolina, in prayer, we've got yer back! 

The digital in Davids' shirt will take some time to place in.  Not quite as picky as Nick Said's scarf in "No Greater Friend - No Worse Enemy", but definitely a challenge in pastel.  After that some minor details and it will be finished. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Presentation at Mallory Weslyan Church

The paintings of Lcpl Nicholas Said and Lcpl Forest Blair in "And We Prayed" are about what happens when two or more pray that is when miracles happen.  What could be a better place to tell this story than at the Mallory Weslyan Chruch last Sunday.  Pastor Greg Stein graciously let me talk during their church service about, "A Military Series - A Parents Perspective". 

I brought along 10 peices to show with their stories from my blog.  Each one has a powerful story of what it is like to be in the military.  It is equally a story of what we experience as a family member.  Our community usually does not
understand what we experience in this journey but most want to learn.   In turn most will become prayer partners when they hear about "And We Prayed".  
This was the first time I shared the miracles of that week last June 2010 
There were two men shot that week and not hurt.  I showed Forests' camel pack and explained where the 7.62 mil. bullet traveled while Forest was on the ground firing his weapon.  The other who was shot through the helmet with only a graze to the forhead.  
The reason for the miracles were directly related to our prayers here in the US.  While they fought everyday, back here people were praying.  Any one who offered prayers, I added them onto my prayer list  God hears, He sees and answers every one.  

The rest of my paintings were hung all around the sanctuary and the fellowship hall.  After the service many people looked through the paintings and their stories.  Lcpl Prevart Janveir's -"His Sandbags" captured interest for its variety of drawing media and mood.  Many have added Penny Riley, my Gold Star Mom onto their prayer lists as they viewed the oil painting "Greif", and will never to forget her sons sacrifice.  Weiner Wolfe took her place in the series as she won the hearts of all who read her story.  The priercing eyes of Lcpl Nicholas Said, drew people in from around the church.  

Thank you Mallory Weslyan for letting me share their story with you. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

This weekends presentation for "And We Prayed"

Well the presentations are about to begin here in the Central NY area.  This weekend I will give a 10 minute presentation in a service at the Wesleyan Church, on 5 Baum Road in Mallory, New York 13103. 315-676-4792.  I will have a short opportunity to share with Pastor Greg and the people in this church about my two paintings, "And We Prayed".  4% of our population here in the United States of America are currently serving in the military.  1% are currently in harms way right now; my son is among them.  I will have the opportunity to share their miracle and how prayer is answered.  For family members we are constantly praying and so are our sons and daughters and we invite you to pray also.  With every person that commits to praying for them I remind Forest of the thousands that are praying for him everyday when he calls me  As for me and my family of prayer warriors, "We believe in the "Power of Prayer!". 

Thank you Pastor Greg and your congregation for letting me be a part of your service.  

The two side by side paintings are framed and ready to show.    More to come.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Daddy, Don't Go"

A little girl put "Deployment" into perfect perspective when I was given this photo of Major David A Schreiner and his daughter Addison.  How could I not do this painting?  Just in case you were wondering what the sacrifice is that our families give to you America; its in this little girls hug.  It's in her eyes.  It's in her daddy's embrace.   
From the very beginning of this journey with "A Military Experience - A Parent's Perspective", I asked God to give me the ability to capture the right moments, the emotion and share their stories with America.  I hope you can not just see it with your eyes, but that you, my audience, come to understand what my military families sacrifice for you.  In this painting David's commitment is to protect you and your little girls to live in freedom and peace. 

A world away it is not so peaceful.  One person does make a difference and David is doing that, just like so many who have heard this call to duty.  God Bless you and keep you safe. 

Here is the start to a Panpastel I am calling, "Daddy, Don't Go".   More to come.


Friday, August 5, 2011

"I'm Out Here; Did You Forget Me?"

Best Birthday gift of all is to wake up to Forest calling home from Afghanistan!  Couldn't ask for better. 

Forest told me in this photograph, he is sitting in a Turret on patrol pensively setting up his camera.  And he really did wonder, "I'm out here.  Did you forget me?"

This 36x48 in oil and oil bar painting went fast.  The weather was wonderful.  I have a big front yard with georgous shade trees, perfect for painting outdoors.  My neighbors liked to watch the painting progress and I had several stop by.  Two of them were marines.  One popped out of his car on his way to work dressed in fatigues and a boot cast.  He is one of our wounded warriors rehabbing here in the states.  The other one is actually still a recruit, but will be on his way to boot camp this fall.  I told him about our Syracuse Marine Parents and how they have been there for me during this journey as a military mom.  Both young men saw something in my sons face that reminded them of everyday life for a deployed marine.  I am so proud of these young men.  They have made a very personal and powerful choice to defend our freedom here and make a difference in this world. 

No, Forest, we did not forget you.