Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Paintings Done. One to Go For Now!

Two paintings are complete.  "The Lobsterman and His Son"  To my readers this painting has much more than the eye can see. A dad and his son have a special relationship when distinguished by friendship such as Joel and his son Lcpl Rob McCann.  He is proud of all Rob has achieved in life whether it be hockey, or college or best of all, being a United States Marine.  Joel has delighted in his "real" conversations with Rob out there on his lobster boat dancing in the surf over the wreck of the Annie McGuire.  As they talk about life and speak whats really happening in metaphorical lobsterman terms, his big heart longs for the day he sees Rob return safe.  This is a dangerous business, being a marine.  As parents we place visual reminders for all to see that our son is away in a distant land.  Joel has his Marine Corp flag (small size) hanging off the wench of his boat.  In the painting, all you can see of it is the faded orange fleck of color next to the wench.  The time is nearing for their return and hugs will soon replace those reminders.\
So this painting is not so much what you see that is important, it is what you don't see - the things that lie just under the surface.

"Young Warriors" is complete.  Prints will be available, as all the artwork is, as soon as I have the painting scanned when I get back to Syracuse.  Joel's son stands with these young men.  For now father and son will talk on those satellite phones that bring Afghanistan and Portland Head together.  And for that little bit of time, we parents, know everything is alright, for now.

Next, is the underpainting to "The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done - Lcpl Nathan McCormick".  I have used oil bars and oil paints with neo megilp to speed the drying time. Nathan requested I paint this one before he left on deployment.   There will be more to come.  The race is on because they are coming home early.  My Christmas Gift.

Friday, December 9, 2011

"Young Warriors" Almost There

Okay.  Just a quick one today on "Young Warriors".  Working with oil pastel has its challenges.  I have worked with many types of oil pastels, bars and oil pencils to bring out as much detail as I can.  As an artist, sometimes my paintings dictate to me what it will become because of my media's characteristics.  The best and very nice outcome of oil pastel is its soft detail.  Not strong harsh lines but soft suggested details.  Almost done.  Just a little more to go. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Final on "Morning Patrol"

Here is a moody, silhouetted piece called "Morning Patrol".  It just makes you kind of think what is like to be there on a early morning patrol.  Visibility is not very good because there has been a sand storm that is hanging in the air and there is little being said amongst each other.  They are  vigilently watching as they peer through the darkened shadows of Marjah.  Fire fights came so often last year, I can just imagine this time.   

It consists of a base layer of Light Moulding Paste, a watercolor lay down of Fluid Acrylics followed by many layers of glazes and gel mediums. 

More to come on "Young Warriors"