Two Events July 18th and 19th 2012 with Americu and Americar

Special Trip to Fort Drum with Americu Credit Union

What a wonderful Thursday event at Fort Drum, NY with ArmeriCu Credit Union in being able to show "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective".  I am always amazed at what how I run into people who are striving for to teach the average American citizen about what our military and their families sacrifice.

Americu knew I needed some help in getting my artwork, physically up to Fort Drum.  My 4 little Saturn is too small and they assisted me with a rental from Americar.  Found out all of us share a heart in common for the Wounded Warrior Project and we all give to that.

A Hot Rod evening with Americar
The Hot Rod event at Americar in North Syracuse, NY was a special event to help with the Wounded Warrior Project.  So while many an awesome car demonstrated what laying down rubber really means, I was able to show a few of my paintings.

Thank you both Americu and Americar for making it possible to show my paintings and tell their stories.  

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