Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Such a Wonderful Evening With My Heroes

I am such a fan of my heroes
Monday the 18th was a great night to share with the Mayor and Veterans of Rome for a presentation of "A Military Experience - A Parent's Perspective" at the Rome Art & Community Center.  In attendance were the Marine Corp League, a representative of the VFW Rome division and the Mayor of Rome.  Had invited many elected officials.  That's okay.  I got the best.  Joseph R Fusco Jr. is a Mayor passionate about his Veterans in the community in which he lives.

I have to admit, I am such a fan of my Heroes.  When I was at the Modern Day Marine Expo last year, one of the Marines that have been so special to me, retired St Maj Joe Houle, USMC is one of the coordinators. Every morning there was a special event before the tents were opened.  He would come and get me and I thought I would just sit in the bleachers to view the events.  Joe would escort me to the tents.  I remember him whispering, "Go sit up there in the front".  I remember walking up front, only to discover that I was sitting 7 seats away from the Commandant of the Marine Corp with a front row center seat to see the Presidents Own Marching Band and the Silent Drill team.  How cool is that!  With every event I attend, I feel unashamedly a fan toward all my heroes
We parents are so proud of these Warriors.  - Amy Borio-Alts'
son who had just returned from Afghanistan
Bill Magnarelli and John DeFransico were working on budget issues in NY and Dan Maffei and Chuck Schumer were involved in other commitments in Washington. I will get a little closer to them next month and more Veterans with the Hope for the Warrior's Gala Affair in Washington DC.  Thank you my Veterans for all you have done.  It is such an honor to humbly share my best with my heroes.

Thank you to all who I have share with so far and God Bless my heroes.

More to come America!  More to come.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Date To Remember

Up and coming date to remember on March 18, 2013 at the Rome Art & Community Center at 308 West Bloomfield St Rome, NY 13440 315-336-1040. Again, I will be presenting my painting series with all their stories from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  I have invited area VFW's, American Legions, Marine Corp Leagues, Military Recruiting Offices, the Mayor of Rome, Joseph Fusco, Congressman Dan Maffai, Senator Chuck Schumer, NYS Senator John DeFrancisco  NYS Assemblyman, Bill Magnarelli.  Their stories have become my mission to teach.

"A Military Series - A Parent’s Perspective” is for the American Citizen.  As a parent, I have one foot in the Military world and the other in the civilian world in which there is a disconnect that needs to be bridged. The paintings in this series cross bridges by teaching the average American Citizen what our heroes in the Military the families that proudly stand behind them are sacrificing daily to keep us free and protected. As much as they protect us we need to discover and learn their honorable purpose in making a difference in this world."

 To all my blog, Facebook and web followers, I am cordially inviting you to come be a part of "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective. Please come, because this "Marine Momma" has a story to tell America.