Sunday, March 29, 2015

They Are Coming Home, But They Are Not All Back Yet

After the attacks on the United States on 9/11/2001, the 14 year long war that started Operation Enduring Freedom October 9, 2001 has come to an end as of December 28, 2014.  They are coming home!  Our troops will continue in a draw down and support the Afghanistan Military for the next two years.  Our sons and daughters are not back home yet.  We live in a changing world with many conflicts around the globe, so as a parent we keep praying for our sons and daughters for the day when they are all on US soil, safe in our arms again.

For those who are active duty, and are home, they still are readied and prepared to move where they are needed.  For those who have transitioned back out of the military, they are trying to fit back into the fabric of the American society.  Sounds like it aught to be an easy time.  They are home, but why is it so hard to come home for our Military and our families?

Our sons and daughters have been changed by war.  Their most heroic actions took place on a foreign soil that we as Americans will never fully understand the experiences they endured.  And every experience is different for that warrior and their family.

Just one direct fire fight changes their lives forever.  In just a few minutes they witness the necessity of their training, following orders, absolute protection for those around them and a fierce intensity in their attack or response.  They also experience, fear, loss, the punishing elements, the fatigue, the sights, sounds and smells that live on in  a warrior's memories,

At home the families have dealt with the anxiety of waiting for a satellite phone call just to hear their voice, the loneliness, isolation and frustration of not having them near, the fear of getting a knock on their door and life is on hold until they are home.  Once home a  new chapter begins for them all.  

Being in harms way is real.  It takes a courage few have.  That is why we call them heroes and that ripples through the warriors family from wives, fiances, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, cousins, and close friends.

There is so much more to their stories. I will be talking more about what we can do to help our Veterans and those who love them return home, safe and full of hope for what lies ahead.