Interveiw on Bridge Street Channel 9 for Veteran's Expo Nov 15,2011

Two days before the Veteran's Expo with my "A Military Experience - A Parent's Perspective" , Bridge Street on Channel 9 news did a spot showing my work.  If you had not seen the link on my Nov. 2nd post, take a look at  There were quite a few people that came to see my work and talk about their stories. 

I had the honor of Veterans and a platoon of young warriors currently serving who were Afghanistan Veterans and some who were going to deploy in the next few months.  They are wonderful young men who I have so much respect for. 

My work was done for my heroes so that the citizens of the United States of America can experience a little of what our military does from a moms perspective.  Its personal and it did impact many people.

Thank you all who came and those who helped.  I am so grateful.