Thursday, November 7, 2013

So Exciting! A Week For Our Heroes

Yes this is an exciting week for me.  First of all look at this!   Forest is on the front cover of the Syracuse New Times during this week of remembering our Veterans.

I have been interviewed by many journalists in the past; this one, is the best. I am so grateful to Larry Dietrich, the editor of the Syracuse New Times, my good friend and great artist Meaghan Arbital, designer and all the staff.  Thank you from the bottom of this Marine Momma's heart to all the staff who helped get my deepest heart message out to America.

Many times people want to know why I did "A Military Series - A Parent's Perspective", assuming I did it as a way to cope with my worries of Forest being in a war.  That is not the reason I painted these.  It is about their stories, their experiences and how a parent sees a warriors service.  Not just her own son, but the many warriors and the resilient families that proudly stand behind them.   To be "coping with the worries of Forest being at war" would be cowering and weak.  You learn to seek the things that make you strong. My faith kept me strong, even during my darkest hours I was not alone.  My Syracuse Marine Parents listened to me when I feared and built me up. There were many hours spent talking with my 3rd Marine 6th Battalion parents, relationships that are strong and steadfast. My son and every Veteran old and young that I have met, who by example taught me to be brave.  In the midst of all they were going through, I learned to walk tall; I had nothing to complain about.   I painted out of strength and purpose, learning so much about Forest and myself during this time.  What this painting series mission"s purpose is done is out of gratitude for my warriors and the bridge I am building to teach America about their service.  Thank you for all you do.

Come to the Veterans Parade and Expo at the New York State Fairgrounds Saturday the 9th from 10 - 3 with a parade at 10 and the expo all day!  I will be debuting "Our Kids Meet Their Kids".  Check out their ev everydayness in a warzone taking time to stop and share a little one on one fun with the local kids in Afghanistan.  You wonder what kind of job skills a Machine Gunner might have to fit into a job here in America?  Try Embassador, Teacher, Interpreter, Negotiator and think about all the possibilities. Their stepping into the lives of children who live in such an impoverished war torn country sets a tone that I pray lasts generations.  You change the world for the better one step at a time.

So America come see who your Heroes are today.