Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update on painting called "Our Kids Meet Their Kids" and a start on a dog handler - Danny"

Color block in oil
Second photo
Lots of painting during this month.
This one has taken some time to figure out the title.  So many times my paintings teach me more as I work on them.  I asked God to give me the abilities and I would tell their stories.  I think He gives me the stories as I go too.  Cpl Chris Leonard sent me this photograph for a painting.  The long hours of patrols in Afghanistan are tempered when these Marines took a break one day.  Reaching across to these kids; our kids were making a difference in their lives.  If they could just know the kindness of a stranger and see their highest hope was to bring a little bit of joy into their young and very different worlds, then maybe, just maybe, their world could be different.  Afghan children out in the remote areas of the Helmand district have very little.  A digital camera is kewl.
 I do not know the name of the Marines sharing this moment, but I can surmise the one holding the camera is probably a dad.  He connects with them like they were his kids.  So the title is quite naturally called, "Our Kids Meet Their Kids".  There is much detail to work on with this oil painting and more to come.  

It took a while to get an image up on the computer for the dog handler.  His name is Danny and his Grandpa works with me.  If he is any thing like Pat, he is a kind and patient man.  To be dog handler takes a special kind of patience.  All the training is not hinging on the Marine, it is in the balance of Marine and the dogs ability to work together as a team.  This will be an Acrylic where I will use metals and strong colors that illuminate from behind them.  For now you will see the drawing that I have frozen in clear gesso so the pencil does not mix with the paint.  I am using a palette knife for the most part rather than a brush to give it a layered, textured look.  There will be more to come on this one too.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I have been thinking a lot about Kyle and your journey as a gold star parent. The purpose of thewe paintings is to bring about an awareness of what our guys go through and what it is like for a parent standing behind them. The war is ending in Afghanistan for us. Our guys are coming home, and want America to know what has happened. What they did and how important it is to understand their sacrifices and those who sacrificed all. I would like the painting of Kyle to 
show how he would have liked us all to carry on..