Friday, January 28, 2011

Still brought to prayer often. Its how we parents get through. New drawing.

Tonight I continued on producing another piece that I am considering to call, "Life Goes On". It will be a pen and ink of Cameron Gianetto's sister and I will get a photo of this one posted. We press on, trying to have normal days with special events. Often, in our minds we are thinking, "I wish our sons so far away were here to see this event".

And especially today in this "Military Series - from a parents perspective", I am hoping to capture "Normalsy", as best we can.

Cameron is stationed on Embassy Duty in Egypt. What seemed like a realitively quiet place is suddenly, today, a marine parents nightmare. Watching the news unfold about the uprising of Egypts people, we can only pray for the safety of each and every marine and those they protect.

At times like these, the most powerful thing we can do is pray.

Our sons who are protecting you and me face many dangers the average American citizen couldn't fathom. Could you imagine your son or daughter in harms way? As a parent, sister, daughter, son, wife, husband these marines will lay down their lives for you, to protect you America.

So this is what we marine parents do and we would like you to also; pray for those in harms way. Pray for the military families trying to do those normal things, like going to concerts to watch a sisters performance in the midst of what is happening with her brother.

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